Wednesday, 28 December 2016

R.I.P Mod Crib 2.0 2015-2016

I just can't do that anymore, and its been so long that i been remain gone and i haven't even post a single mod with it, but hey we all know its hard as long you don't give up, but i give up, because i have to focus something rather than working, because they're the same as building addons in-game
as well working at the krusty krab GODDAMN IT, like I said its really hard, you got school, you got
work and everything turns out to be the worst, but hey I'm not gonna delete my work, as long i have time or something, i will amend you to make mods again, despite for my post-retirement, but i have to stay it like this rather to be called dead, But my main focus here is YouTube, I won't lie and I have a youtube channel called The Maniac!, its about me making stories or making top 10 while playing a certain video game, you should check it out! and I'll promise you, just at least one mod uploaded in this blogspot because the one i'm working on is unfinished and and this is really hard for me, just the textures, but I will release it, eventually.

My Youtube Channel
The Maniac!

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